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Welcome to the National Pervious Concrete Pavement Association


On behalf of the National Pervious Concrete Pavement Association (NPCPA), I would like to thank you for your interest in joining the only cross-industry alliance that partners together all those who utilize pervious concrete systems to achieve their sustainable goals.


Pervious concrete has been identified by many as one of the most innovative products in the sustainable movement and has the potential to be a first choice pavement of designers and owners. NPCPA is uniquely shaped to develop and support champions for sustainability in low impact development and provides a venue for interchange to all those vested in pervious concrete. Join your peers and colleagues and have a voice in the future of this unique pavement.


The mission of the Association is to expand and improve the use of pervious concrete as a preferred paving method by providing education and resources that enhance quality and performance. Our vision is to be the recognized and authoritative voice of pervious concrete. NPCPA resources include experienced, professional staff that, working with our members, promote and advocate common positions and represent those interests before industry, government, and the public.


Your membership will provide opportunities to become involved in NPCPA Committees and Steering Groups, connect with clients at industry functions, share your industry expertise through speaking engagements and market your business to sustainable decision-makers. Your involvement will serve to enhance the Association’s role as the voice of pervious concrete in the sustainable marketplace.


NPCPA Members elect their own Board which guides the activities and participation of the Members in the Association. They represent the wide variety of private industry businesses and public entities that provide products, equipment, and services that benefit the public at large.


If you have any questions concerning NPCPA Member programs, please contact the Member Services department at 248.848.3188.




Dale Fisher, Executive Director
National Pervious Concrete Pavement Association