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Bid Request


In order to have a quality pervious concrete placement, the importance of working with a knowledgeable and experienced pervious concrete contractor and a pervious concrete producer with a commitment to quality cannot be overstated. NPCPA Organizational Members continually demonstrate their commitment to education and quality by participating in and supporting NPCPA and its ongoing commitment to education and the consistent high level of quality pervious concrete. With this in mind, NPCPA has created this free tool to allow owners and specifiers to submit their projects for a bid request from NPCPA’s Organizational Members. NPCPA Organizational Members have the skill, knowledge, and experience that uniquely qualify them to offer the exceptional benefits of pervious concrete.

Give your organization the opportunity for the highest possible level of quality by submitting your pervious concrete project for bid by NPCPA’s Organizational Members by completing and submitting this form.

Bid Request Form